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PNG Vaccines Deliveries

We were invited by the CDC and WeRobotics to Papua New Guinea to demonstrate our VTOL drones. The purpose of the training was to engage key stakeholders on the opportunities and challenges of using cargo drones in the wake of PNG’s most recent polio outbreak. An important component of the training was a hands-on demo of cargo drone deliveries. There were three key reasons for making this operational demo part of the training: 1) introduce stakeholders to cargo drone technology and standard operating procedures; 2) test how quickly a cargo drone team could be deployed; 3) test how quickly flight permissions could be secured from PNG’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). WeRobotics was given 10 weeks to implement the project. It was completed in 8 weeks.

Sincerest thanks to the following organizations for their partnership and trust: CDC, Gates Foundation, Soli Consulting & CASA. 

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