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Digital Sky's, Are they blue?

We were really proud today of the governments timely delivery of the platform Digital Sky. The recent reviews of the platform reveal that its intuitive, Easy to use and all in all a very modern approach to drone flights. The platform allows users to register as pilots, Apply for operator licenses and easy hardware segmentation. So if you're a drone user in India things may be looking good finally and you can legally fly!

To be honest I was amazed at how well structured the whole process has become but there are always apprehensions when it comes to new policies and we shall discuss them along the way once we (the drone industry) together figure out whats what but the below chart should help you out figure out the process in its entirety.

We met with Mr. Jayant Sinha about a month back to describe how we wanted to use drones for the betterment of society at India Flying Labs and how Redwing would assist them. His forward approach was something that we admired and the recent announcements really help pave a way for our work forward.

There are questions no doubt. We still do not know what bottlenecks are in the system, i.e. is it going to become harder for manufacturers in India now? as we still have no clue on what QC and Bureaucracy will follow WPC's for any ETA's moving forward. We still do not know what enforcement will be done for NPNT conditions and did we forget the Aeromodelling community that gave birth to this industry that is worth billions of dollars today?

All in all its a common consensus that there have to be regulations for drones because most people are not as careful when it comes to operation as some of us but the question is how lenient or how strict.

Us as a startup really focus on the problems internal to India and to see a step in the right direction as a structure formation and a top down approach in problem solving. While we move along the way we will figure multiple things out and we hope anyone reading this tries to support India flying labs in any way they can.

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